Mickey Kellerman, Co-Founder & President

Mickey Kellerman
Co-Founder & President

Mickey was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and returned to his hometown in 2016 to found Kellerman Consulting, a Food Safety consulting company that demystifies complex regulations for their clients and assures their clients do food safety the right way. As an avid cook, gardener and admirer of great food, it’s been a dream come true for Mickey to assist both executive chefs and food manufacturers alike in keeping the food they make safe, so they can focus on innovation and serving delicious food to their customers.

As President of Kellerman Consulting, Mickey is responsible for setting the company strategy, as well as leading the sales, marketing, finance, administration, and recruiting efforts. Mickey has 16 years experience directing strategy, marketing, supply chain and finance activities in the financial services and manufacturing sectors. He specializes in developing aspirational growth strategies for small businesses and making business processes more efficient in order to reduce costs, improve quality and speed of delivery, and increase profitability.

Mickey has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. When he is not immersing himself in his work, he spends much of his free time cooking, gardening, playing tennis, singing and volunteering with The Columbus Harmony Project, and writing music and playing keyboards with his band Future Rock.


Brian Kellerman, Co-founder & principal food safety consultant

Brian Kellerman
Co-Founder & Chief Food Safety Officer


Brian Kellerman was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and has spent 17 years working in food production. Starting with a four-month engagement working a banana operation in Israel, Brian developed a love of food production that led to a degree in Ecological Agriculture from the University of Vermont, as well as farming experience in Maryland and New Zealand. As a science teacher, Brian helped to organize a maple sugaring program and a hydroponic system, as well as a fully working vegetable garden on campus. Starting in 2014, Brian ran the Food Safety & Quality Assurance program for a dry spice blend and nutraceutical manufacturer located in Columbus, managing a GFSI-certified quality and food safety program that produced over 5 million pounds of food annually before joining his brother Mickey in 2017 in starting Kellerman Consulting.

Brian is passionate about food safety and quality systems, as well as food production in all of its forms. Having participated in all aspects of food production, from farm to factory to restaurant, Brian brings a unique understanding of issues touching our food systems, and brings that passion to each and every client engagement.

As the Chief Regulatory Officer of Kellerman Consulting, Brian is responsible for overseeing all food safety and quality documentation, as well as working with clients to help them implement these programs. Brian is a registered SQF Consultant, BRC Lead Auditor, HACCP Certified (Seafood, USDA & Retail), PCQI certified and a ISO 9001 lead auditor. Since the beginning of 2017, Brian has written over 300 food safety plans for over 180 clients in 38 states, including every category of restaurant plan and manufacturing plan, and has developed food safety programs in every food sector.



Julia Green
Food Safety Consultant

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Julia Green started working for Kellerman Consulting as a Food Safety Consultant in August 2017. Julia made an exciting switch in careers from one helping field to another. With a passion for helping others as well as a passion for food, Julia’s main concern is to keep businesses thriving by providing safe and delicious foods to their customers. Julia specializes in USDA HACCP plans and retail HACCP plans and enjoys talking to customers, advocating for their needs and assisting with marketing projects for Kellerman Consulting. 



Kate Lee
Food Safety Consultant

Kate Lee joined the Kellerman Consulting team in January 2018 as a Food Safety Consultant. Previously, Kate worked as a the Production Manager for Zest Juice Co. in Columbus, Ohio. There she was tasked with the preparation, production, and distribution of the juice for all of the Zest locations. This and other previous work experiences have driven home the importance of food safety regulations and their daily applications. With her unique experiences in both restaurant and production settings, Kate is ready to help other businesses lay the groundwork for a well executed food safety plan.

Kate has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Findlay.  And while she is originally from Northwest Ohio, she currently resides just north of Columbus with her husband Cory, two cats and a bearded dragon.  When she is not immersed in work, you can most likely find her napping or alphabetizing her collection of vinyl records.



Tyler Shelley
Food Safety Consultant

Tyler Shelley joined Kellerman Consulting in August 2017 as a Food Safety Consultant. She brings with her 5 years experience working on food, drug, and environmental regulations with the FDA and EPA. Her favorite part of the job is working with the scientific literature to create validation studies and drafting seafood HACCP plans. She also enjoys creating databases to increase firm efficiency. 

Tyler is a native of Wilton, Connecticut and moved to Columbus, OH in 2015. She received a Bachelors of Science in Marine Biology from Northeastern University in 2013. In her free time, Tyler enjoys horseback riding, yoga, and hiking.